Outside Spring Cleaning Tips

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Last Updated on Thursday, 01 May 2014 15:21

Spring has sprung! The cold and snow of winter is a memory and many of us are busy with spring cleanup projects. This is the time of year we begin to cook outdoors, gas up our mowers and trimmers and start those outdoor projects.  The Pullman Fire Department has a few safety tips and suggestions for those spring cleanup activities.
•    Rake up leaves, dead limbs and twigs. Remove dead branches that extend over the roof. Prune tree branches and shrubs within 15 feet of a stovepipe or chimney outlet.
•    Remove leaves and rubbish from around and under wooden decks or porches, beneath windows, or next to vehicles.
•    Regularly clean your roofs and gutters.

Now that you have trimmed tree limbs, cleaned the eaves and gutters, swept the deck, cleaned off your roof and collected it all in one big pile what are you going to do with it?  Please remember that burning of yard waste, trash or debris is prohibited within Pullman.  If you are into gardening composting is a great way to get rid of those old leaves.  Not into composting, have it picked up by Pullman Disposal Service or haul your yard waste out to the Whitman County Landfill and dump it for free.  Call (334-1914) or go to Pullman Disposal Service's web site (pullmandisposal.com/yard.htm) to find out more about their yard waste collection service.  But be considerate of your neighbors don't burn.

Some other spring activities might involve gasoline, paint thinners, and flammable materials. Think about the increased danger of such products as you use them. Treat flammable liquids with respect because they are always ready to ignite from a cigarette, static spark or other source of ignition.
•    Place your outdoor cooking equipment on a non-combustible base if possible and keep it away from materials, which will readily ignite such as the vinyl siding of your home.
•    Keep a clear 10-foot area around propane tanks and the barbecue.
•    When dumping ashes, put them in a metal bucket and either soak in water or let stand for several days before disposing of them.   Do not place coals in a paper bag or cardboard box.
•    Store gasoline, oily rags and other flammable materials in approved safety cans. Place cans in a safe location away from the base of buildings and hot water heaters.
•    To properly dispose of household chemicals, old paints, etc. call the Whitman County Solid Waste Transfer Station (334-2400) for information on what chemicals can or cannot be accepted and hours of operation.

Always wear proper sight, hearing and foot protection when using power tools including weed trimmers and lawn mowers.  Don't forget to shut down the tool when refueling, unclogging or anytime you have to get your hands near the cutting part of the tool.  The Pullman Fire Department hopes you have a safe spring cleaning month!