Citizen's Academy

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 September 2013 09:11


***No Citizen's Academy is scheduled for 2013 due to budget constraints***



Have you ever wondered...

  • where the police are when you want them?
  • how many police officers are on duty tonight?
  • what happens to the noise complaint after I call?
  • why did two cops show up at my traffic stop?
  • what is the real story behind DNA?

Have you ever dreamed about...

  • riding “shotgun” in a Pullman Police Car on a Saturday night?
  • a career in Law Enforcement?
Citizen academy at the firing range

If you are interested in finding the answers to these types of questions, then the Pullman Police Department's Citizen’s Academy is for you!

The Citizens’ Academy is presented in ten, 2.5 hour sessions where participants will learn about a variety of topics relating to police department functions, including field operations, use of force, C.S.I. (Crime Scene Investigations), drugs, alcohol enforcement, DUI, and firearms.  Actual practical "hands-on" opportunities will be available to participants in firearms and defensive tactics.

“Our goal is to develop better communications with the Pullman community.  If they understand how we do our job, the public safety of our community will be better served.” 
-Operations Commander
Chris Tennant


The purpose of this program is not to turn citizens into police officers.  Instead, by opening the doors of the police department to the public and sharing with them how the police department actually functions on a day-to-day basis, we hope to develop a relationship with the citizens of the City of Pullman in line with the "community policing" model.

The Academy will be held one night per week. The Academy is open to all citizens and employees of Pullman, 18-years or older.  The class size is limited to 25 persons, and is free to all applicants.  Applications for the Pullman Police Department Citizen's Academy can be obtained at the Pullman Police Department lobby. 

For more information about the Citizen's Academy, click here to download an informational brochure or feel free to contact Commander Chris Tennant at (509) 334-0802.

A citizen at the firearms range Citizens learn defensive tactics