Prescription Drug Disposal Program

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 September 2013 09:11

When prescription drugs are no longer needed, there's a risk that they couldDrug Disposal Image end up being abused by people other than those for whom they were prescribed. The environmentally concerned also point out that drugs are considered hazardous waste and flushing drugs or throwing them into the trash can contaminate groundwater.

So what's a responsible person to do? 

By using the secure medication drop box in the Pullman Police Department lobby, your discarded drugs will be incinerated at a facility approved by the EPA and Washington Department of Ecology.
There are no restrictions on the type of drugs that can be put into the collection box.

According to state law, when transporting prescription drugs, they must be in the original prescription containers with the labels attached. It is illegal to possess prescription drugs outside of the original container or to possess prescription drugs that are prescribed to someone else. (RCW 69.50.309: A person to whom or for whose use any controlled substance has been prescribed, sold, or dispensed by a practitioner, and the owner of any animal for which such controlled substance has been prescribed, sold, or dispensed may lawfully possess it only in the container in which it was delivered to him by the person selling or dispensing the same.)

Drug Disposal BoxThe prescription labeling can be removed at the police department or the drugs can be
placed in plastic zipper bags that are provided by the department. If placed in a bag, the name of the drug should be written on the bag. 

The Pullman Police Department drop box is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in our main lobby.  The Pullman Police Department drop box does not currently accept used injectables (needles), and we do not accept drugs from physician's offices, pharmacies veterinarians or other non-home producers of drug waste

The Pullman Pullman Department drop box is funded by a Washington State Attorney General Prescription Drug Abuse Grant negotiated by Sigrid Gauger of Palouse River Counseling and is part of the Whitman County Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drug Disposal Plan.

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