Lost & Found Property

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Last Updated on Monday, 03 August 2015 11:34

Public Hours of Operation: 
Tuesday-Friday, 7:00am to 3:00pm (Closed 11:00am-Noon)

**Please call for an appointment to guarantee that the Property/Evidence Specialist can assist you in claiming your property. Walk-in service is subject to availability.

Phone Number: (509) 334-0802 
Ask to speak to the property/evidence specialist.

Location: 260 SE Kamiaken Street / Pullman, WA 99163

Property listed on this page will be stored by the Pullman Police Department for 60 days. After 60 days the property will either be destroyed, donated or sold at auction as provided by law.


DATE POSTED: August 3, 2015

Pullman Police Department Found Property;  May 26– July 28, 2015

Barcode#     Description 

1009435              Two watches/reading glasses (Aquatic Center)

1009436              Toyota key; small silver key; thumb drive (Aquatic Center)

1009437              Misc. costume and children’s jewelry (Aquatic Center)

1009438              6 assorted padlocks (Aquatic Center)

1009439              blue/white patterned wallet with small amount of cash (Aquatic Center)

1009494              Glasses, Cuff Links, Case, Notepads, Gift Card (Valley Rd. Bus Stop)

1009489              Mongoose mountain bike (S. Grand)

1009486              Genesis bicycle (N. Grand and Terreview)

1009487              7 keys on single ring (unknown location)

1009505              4 thumb drives (Neill Library)

1009537              Avza bicycle (N. Grand and Terreview)

1009607              Fire extinguisher (B Street and Alpha)

1009610              Subaru key (SE Edgeknoll)

1009612              Tool box with tools (Avista substation, Old Moscow Pullman Rd)