Child Seat Safety

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 November 2014 12:45


It is important that all children are buckled up, in the appropriate car seats, booster seats, or seat belts. Taking proper precautions drastically reduces the risk of serious or fatal injury.  Children under 12 should always be in the back seat, and no child should ever be seated in front of an airbag.

Parents should check seat's the owner's manual for installation instructions, as well as height/weight restrictions, and directions for proper use.  Children should be buckled up each time a vehicle is in motion, even on short trips.  Additionally, it is important for adults to set a good example by always wearing their own seat belt.

Many agencies, including the Pullman Police Department, offer free child seat safety checks. Call to make an appointment:  (509) 334-0802.  Other area agencies that provide this service include the Pullman Fire DepartmentMoscow Police Department and Success By 6 of the Palouse. offers important safety tips for keeping your child safe during travel.  Find more information about Washington law related to child seats here.

Has your child's seat been recalled?  Check here!  

Child Seat Safety & The Law
Washington State RCW 46.61.687

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