Current City Projects

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 November 2014 14:46

Bishop Boulevard / Klemgard Avenue Signal Traffic Signal

This improvement is a roadway widening and traffic signal project consisting of the construction of approximately 1365 square yards of asphalt pavement section, 1810 linear feet of curb and gutter, 1025 square yards of sidewalk, storm sewer treatment and detention, site demolition / removals, utility adjustments, driveway reconstruction, property restoration, signage, striping, intersection traffic signal and other related work.

Plans and Specs

Street Resurfacing

This is an ongoing yearly contract whose purpose is to repair or rebuild those streets in bad shape, and that have significant levels of traffic flow.

Stadium Way Utilities and Repaving

This is a two-year project:

In 2013, the water line in Stadium Way will be replaced or slip-lined, the stormdrain line along the northerly lane of Stadium Way will be slip-lined from Missouri Flat Creek to B-Street, and a section of old sanitary sewer line in the south travel lane will be abandoned by extending intersecting sewer mains and services to a newer trunk sewer line along the north side of Stadium Way; curb ramps at intersections will also be reconstructed to current ADA standards.  The majority of the work will extend from Grand Avenue to approximately Valley Road, though there will be some minor storm drain repair work between Lake Street and Lybecker Road.

In 2014, Stadium Way will be repaved from Grand Avenue to Orchard Drive / Colorado Street.

Wawawai Road Improvements

This project will widen Wawawai Road from Davis Way to Main Street, infill the gap in the path system at this location, and include asphalt paving out to Marcia Drive.

SR 270/Airport Road Sewer

This project will construct a large-diameter trunk sewer to extend the City's sanitary sewer system from Bishop Boulevard easterly along SR 270 to Airport Road and then northerly along Airport Road to Grimes Way.

Kamiaken Bridge Deck Repair

The Kamiaken Street Bridge deck will be rehabilitated using a modified concrete overlay over the full deck.

Reaney Park Splash Pad

Construction of a splash pad, upgrades to the shower building, and repairs to the dive pool at Reaney Park.

Aquatic Center Pool Re-plaster & Renovation

Improvements at the Pullman Aquatic and Fitness Center to include re-plasting the pools, painting and shower improvements.

Sidewalk Repairs

Each year the City has a small contract to repair sidewalk sections on one of the four hills of Pullman.  Walking hazards are eliminated by grinding raised edges or by removing and replacing certain sidewalk sections.  This contract is not intended to repair broken up sidewalk unless the edges are raised above the safe maximum.  This year's work is in Sunnyside Hill.

Tank 8 Painting

Water Tank 8, which sits at the west end of Skyview Drive, will be repainted inside and out.

Well 5 Chlorine Upgrade

The chlorine disinfection system at Well 5, located at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Fairmount Drive, will be replaced.

North Grand Driveway Pavers

The North Grand Widening project included planter strips between the curb and the sidewalk, where it was practical to do so, in order to move pedestrians away from vehicles traveling on the street. An unanticipated consequence of the planter strips was that drivers going in and out of driveways occasionally drive off the concrete driveway and into the planter strip. The selected solution is to construct driveway widening with concrete pavers.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Projects

Several major projects are in various stages of development at the waste water treatment plant.  Contract work is ongoing to install new air blowers to provide more aeration capacity.  Design work is ongoing for the construction of a new aeration basin and modifications to the existing aeration basin.  Construction has started on a new digester, a new digester building, and modifications to the existing digester facilities.  Engineering will begin soon for upgrading plantwide electrical and control systems and improvements to the existing secondary clarifiers.  This will be a multi-year effort to design and construct these improvements.

WSDOT Projects

(None Current)

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