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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 July 2015 13:41

Engineering Division
325 SE Paradise Street
Voice 509-338-3213
Fax 509-338-3282

Public Works Director Kevin Gardes, P.E. 509-338-3217 e-mail
Deputy Dir. of Public Works Clayton Forsmann, P.E. 509-338-3222 e-mail
Administrative Assistant Bethany Johnson 509-338-3213 e-mail
Administrative Specialist Kate Beckmann 509-338-3220 e-mail
Civil Engineer Samer Nasralla, P.E. 509-338-3303 e-mail

Senior Engineering Technician

TBD 509-338-3281 e-mail
Engineering Technician (Maps, Addresses,
Traffic Issues, ROW Disturbance Permits)
Dan Crimmins 509-338-3216 e-mail
Engineering Technician Ruth Younce, E.I.T. 509-338-3215 e-mail
Engineering Aide Timothy Vasilenki (Part-time) 509-338-3216  
Engineering Aide James Amundsen, E.I.T. (Part-time) 509-338-3216  

The Engineering Division is responsible for the primary areas of the following:

The Engineering staff interacts closely with other City Divisions and Departments to supply a range of products and services including mapping, drafting, engineering, and surveying services.

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