Sunnyside Park

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Sunnyside Park pond. 147 SW Cedar 
(25 acres) Home of Pullman’s yearly Fourth of July celebration, this expansive park follows the natural terrain of the Palouse. Cradled below grassy knolls are two ponds fed by a waterfall and connected by a babbling creek. Graceful willows dip into the ponds, which are the home to assorted ducks and turtles. In the winter the ponds occasionally freeze over sufficiently to support ice-skating!   Development of Sunnyside Park was completed with the help of I.A.C. funds in 1974. There is a large picnic shelter and BBQ overlooking the ponds and an adjoining children’s playground. Two tennis courts, a little league baseball field, volleyball standards, disc golf course, and trails complete the athletic facilities available. The south side of the park, previously a nursery, is now used for community gardens, which are available for summer rental through the Parks and Recreation office.

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