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Last Updated on Saturday, 12 September 2015 11:55

500 NW Larry Street - 509-338-3290

Welcome to Pullman Aquatics Lessons!

Swimming Lessons

Parent Manual

 Private Lesson Questionnaire

The Pullman Aquatic & Fitness Center (PAFC) has been teaching the Pullman community how to swim and stay safe in the water for over 14 years. Our goal is to provide students with the skills necessary for a life-long enjoyment of the water. We are proud to release our newly revamped swim lesson program. PAFC provides a safe and comfortable learning environment for you and your child. You will be amazed at you and your child’s improvement with consistent, year-round lessons that are available to everyone!

Important Information for Swim Lessons:

How do I register my child?

Answer the questions to help you place your child in the proper program level. Free swim screenings are required for all students not currently enrolled in our Preschool or Youth programs, with the exception of Tadpole classes. If you answer “NO” to any question, place your child in the preceding level. If you answer “YES” to all questions, your child is placed in the appropriate level. Please note: all children aged 3 through 5 must be placed in the Preschool (PS) section of the appropriate level. Ages 6 and older must enroll Youth (Y) levels. There are also (K) lessons for Kindergarten age children (5 and 6 years) in the afternoon. (See the Parks & Recreation Brochure)

1. My child

Then register for PS level 1 or level 1.

2. My child can

Then register for PS Level 2 or Level 2.

3. My child can

Then register for PS Level 3 or Level 3.

4. My 5 to 6-yr-old needs an afternoon class for basic stroke improvement.

Then register for K Novice.

5. My 5 to 6-yr-old needs an afternoon class for advanced stroke perfection.

Then register for K Expert.

6. My child can

Then register for Level 4.

7. My child can swim

Then register for Level 5.

8. My child can swim

Then register for Level 6.

9. My child wants

Then register for Sterlets.


New Descriptions and levels for PAFC Swim Lessons!

We are now using American Red Cross swim lesson guidelines. We have changed the name of all the levels. Tadpole is now level 1, Frog is level 2, Gator is level 3, Stingray is level 5, Trout is level 6.