Fire Cause Determined in McKenzie Street Fire

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Last Updated on Thursday, 16 July 2015 09:09

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE              Incident Commander Chuck Caessens
April 25, 2015-9:15 am                   Rich Dragoo, Fire prevention officer
Release #2


PULLMAN-Pullman fire prevention officer Rich Dragoo said the Saturday morning fire at 115 SW McKenzie was caused by a spark that was left in some sawdust that smoldered about 12 hours and finally ignited.

After interviewing the crew that was renovating the house, Dragoo said the workers were sanding the floor using a large power sander. He said the sander popped a nail head, causing a spark to land in the sawdust. That sawdust was placed in a 32-gallon plastic garbage can Friday afternoon around 4 and left on the front porch of the home. He said then on Saturday morning, the sawdust ignited and started the fire. Dragoo said the crew worked later Friday evening but that saw dust was still in the sander.


(Release written by Glenn Johnson, PFD/PIO)

Shortly after the arrival of PL31 the flames were extinguished. PL31 is in the background and a couple firefighters are making their way back to the house.
A large volume of smoke is seen emitting from the roof of the house.
A firefighter sprays water from the steps in front of the house.
A firefighter uses a pike pole to help remove the underside of the ceiling covering the front deck.
Two firefighters preparing to enter the building. The volume of smoke is visible smaller as the firefighting activities are stopping the fire.