Fire Damages Older Residence under Renovation

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Last Updated on Thursday, 16 July 2015 09:09

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                     Incident Commander Chuck Caessens
April 25, 2015                                       Rich Dragoo, Fire prevention officer

Morning newspaper carrier spots fire and notifies firefighters

PULLMAN-Two Pullman residents who were delivering newspapers Saturday morning spotted a fire coming from a downtown home and notified authorities by driving to the fire station about two blocks away.

Firefighters responded quickly to the house fire at 115 SW McKenzie St. around 4:30 a.m. and found flames shooting up from the front porch area of an unoccupied home that was being renovated.

Monica Tecson and her friend, Tiana Soohoo said they were out delivering papers and saw some smoke and then as they got closer to the residence saw flames coming from front of the house. They said they checked to see if anyone was inside and then drove to the firehouse and rang the doorbell at the station. Officials were quick to point out that the faster way to notify fire and police is to simply call 9-1-1.

As firefighters responded they first did a primary check to determine if the building, which had a daylight basement, was occupied and they found nothing but construction tools.

Fire prevention officer Rich Dragoo said the cause of the fire is under investigation but he concluded that it was an accidental fire and not arson. He said he needed to interview the construction workers before determining the exact cause.

Dragoo estimated the damage to the structure at around $10,000. There were no injuries.


(Release written by Glenn Johnson, PFD/PIO)

Shortly after the arrival of PL31 the flames were extinguished. PL31 is in the background and a couple firefighters are making their way back to the house.
A large volume of smoke is seen emitting from the roof of the house.
A firefighter sprays water from the steps in front of the house.
A firefighter uses a pike pole to help remove the underside of the ceiling covering the front deck.
Two firefighters preparing to enter the building. The volume of smoke is visible smaller as the firefighting activities are stopping the fire.