Fire Damage Near $15,000 in Pullman Apartment Complex

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Last Updated on Thursday, 23 October 2014 12:32

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       Lt. Rudy Fisher, Incident Commander

 Saturday, October 18, 2014                                      Chief Mike Heston



           PULLMAN---Pullman fire officials are estimating damage at between $10,000 and $15,000 to an apartment complex in the north area following a stove top fire Saturday afternoon.

           Firefighters were called to 685 NE Terre View Dr. around 2:30 pm for a report of a kitchen fire.   When firefighters made their way to the third story apartment unit, they found the fire on the stove extinguished by the building's sprinkler system.  Firefighters said they removed a pot from the stove and turned off the unit.

           Lt. Rudy Fisher said that while there was some fire damage to the stove and the cabinets close by, most of the damage was caused by the water from the sprinkler system.  The water went from the third floor apartment to units directly below on the second and first floors.

           Fire officials turned the building back to representatives of Tomason Place to assess the damage to the three apartments.   Officials said they thought the residents in the two lower apartments could occupy their units but were doubtful that the family of three could occupy the third floor apartment.

           Fire chief Mike Heston said this was an example of how important it is for apartment residents to have renters insurance.   The fire was in one unit but two other apartments were impacted by the fire and the subsequent water damage.




 (Written by Glenn Johnson, PFD/PIO)