Worker rescued from Grain bin in Uniontown

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Last Updated on Thursday, 16 July 2015 09:24

Worker rescued from Grain bin in Uniontown

The Pullman Fire Department and its 87-foot pumper ladder truck were instrumental Monday morning, June 22, in the rescue of a worker who was struck by a falling tool at the bottom of a grain bin in Uniontown.

Pullman firefighters with their tech rescue crews, along with firefighters from Whitman County Rural District 14 and tech rescue and paramedics from the Lewiston Fire Department were called to the Uniontown Cooperative on State Route 195 around 8:30 a.m.

Assistant Chief Ryan Scharnhorst of the Pullman Fire Department said the worker had just finished cleaning out the bin and was hoisting his equipment out when one of the tools broke loose and struck the worker on the head.  Fire departments were alerted and Pullman responded through a mutual aid agreement to help in the high angle rescue.

Firefighters were lowered into the bin and secured the worker to the Stokes basket stretcher.  Officials said the injured worker, who sustained a serious skull fracture, was lifted up 65-feet by rope to the platform on the pumper ladder truck and then lowered to the ground.   Crews from LifeFlight were on the scene and transported the worker to St. Joseph Regional Hospital in Lewiston.