2012 - 4th of July at Sunnyside

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 September 2013 15:15
Pullman Fire Department
2012 - 4th of July at Sunnyside


Every year on the 4th of July the Pullman Fire Department takes the R32, PL31, and an Ambulance to Sunnyside Park to show the vehicles to the community. This event always is popular with the kids who get to try on firefighter turnouts and get into the vehicles. This is a great opportunity for the community to get an up-close look at the vehicles and ask questions about them.

*Click on a picture below to see a larger copy of it.

American Flag on PL31 The platform on PL31 is fully extending waving the American Flag over Sunnyside Park.
Palmberg with PL31 RFF Palmberg stands by PL31 after getting it ready to show to the community.
Micsh showing R32 RFF Misch showing R32 to a group of people.
The Community Members of the community gathering around the fire department vehicles.
Chapman helping a child into Turnout 1 Crew Leader Chapman helps a young child into firefighter turnouts.
Chapman helping a child into Turnout 2 Crew Leader Chapman talking to the young child after putting on a fire helmet.
Rose Showing a nozzle RFF Rose showing a nozzle to a young firefighter.
Chief LaVielle and Mayor Johnson Fire Chief LaVielle and Mayor Glenn Johnson pose for a photo.
Palmberg and Rose RFF Palmberg and RFF Rose at the end of a fun afternoon showing the vehicles to the community.

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