Emergency Preparedness Kids Quiz

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 September 2013 09:11




This Emergency Preparedness Quiz can be included in your newsletter, on your website, or you may give the quiz to kids at local events.

1. What is NOT one of the four steps you can take to help your family be prepared for emergencies?

A. Eat your vegetables
B. Get a kit
C. Make a plan
D. Be Informed
E. Get Involved

2. What should a Family Communications Plan include?

A. Information about how we would get in touch with each other during an emergency
B. Where we would meet
C. How we would remain in contact
D. All of the above

3. How much water should you have in your Ready Kit?

A. One small water bottle for each person
B. One gallon for the whole family
C. One gallon of water per person per day
D. One gallon of water for the family per day

4. Which of the following is NOT an important part of a Kid’s Emergency Supply Kit?

A. Flashlight
B. Batteries
C. Water
D. Video Games

5. How quickly can a fire spread through a house?

A. 10 minutes
B. As little as five minutes
C. 30 minutes
D. 45 minutes

6. In an emergency, what number should you dial to contact the police and fire department?

A. 911
B. 111
C. 711
D. 311

7. In an emergency, what should you have available to hear news and official reports about what is occurring?

A. A hand-crank/battery-powered radio
B. A CD player
C. A board game
D. DVD player

The Answers:

1.A,   2.D,   3.C,   4.D,   5.B,   6.A,   7.A