Apartment Fire Caused by Cigarette Left on Couch

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Last Updated on Thursday, 01 May 2014 14:21

August 22, 2011
Release #2
Capt. Eric Reiber, Incident Commander
Mike Heston, Acting Chief

PULLMAN--Pullman Fire Prevention Officer Rich Dragoo said that the fire Sunday evening at the Pioneer Hill Apartments was caused by a cigarette left on a couch.

Dragoo said that after spending time searching for evidence in the apartment unit at 405 SE Jordan Road and talking to individuals, he determined that a smoldering cigarette was the culprit. He said that the fire started in the couch and then it spread to the walls in the living room.

Pullman's fire investigator said the fire was first spotted by the residents that lived directly above unit #4 and they called 911. Dragoo said that he was told that the residents got water and carried buckets to the apartment to help put out the blaze and they later used a fire extinguisher. He said that they managed to get about 80 percent of the fire handled before the fire crew entered the apartment.

Dragoo said that most of the damage was in the living room area, but there was heat damage throughout the apartment. He said that he would need to consult with the occupant and the insurance company before placing a dollar figure on the damage.