Pullman Fire Department Assists Numerous Agencies across Washington

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Last Updated on Monday, 24 August 2015 08:28

August 21, 2015

The Pullman Fire Department currently has members on 3 separate wildland fires across Washington State.  All apparatus were requested and dispatched by the Washington State All Hazard Mobilization plan.  The department currently has units and personnel on the following fires:

•    Okanogan Complex – Rescue 32, which is staffed with 2 Firefighters, was demobilized from the Kettle Complex this morning and then the entire strike team they are assigned to was reassigned to the Okanogan Complex.  They will be traveling today and perhaps be immediately assigned to the night shift tonight or sent out to the line first thing tomorrow morning.  This unit has been out since the early morning hours of August 15th.  The Okanogan Complex is listed at 54,838 acres and is 38% contained.
•    Carpenter Road Fire – Engine 31 and Medic 35 are assigned to this incident.  Engine 31, with 4 members assigned, and has been on this fire since the early morning hours of August 16th.  Medic 31 is staffed with 2 members was assigned to the fire yesterday (August 20th).  The Carpenter Road fire is listed at 9,658 acres and is 0% contained.
•    Cougar Creek Fire - Chief Mike Heston is assigned to this fire which is near Mt. Adams.  Chief Heston is a part of the Washington Type II -Team 5 overhead team and is serving as their Resource Unit Leader.  Chief Heston departed on August 11th and is expected to return sometime late next week.  The Cougar Creek fire is listed at 23,900 acres and is 20% contained.

Every member of the Pullman Fire Department, both those deployed as well as those here at home, are doing an outstanding job.  The members deployed on the wildland fires are working long tiring hours in arduous conditions day after day while the members here at home are working long shifts covering for those who are deployed around the state. 

I am thankful for each and every one of their commitments to the City of Pullman and to the citizens of Washington State.