Council adopts final 2014 goal list

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 April 2014 13:12

At the regular meeting of Pullman City Council on April 8, 2014, the follow list of Adopted 2014 City Council Goals was adopted.

1.    Provide strong support for the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport realignment and lengthening project to ensure the long-term success of this vital infrastructure and to avoid the loss of all commercial aviation activity that would result from the failure of the project to occur. Work with the two cities, two universities, two counties, the Port of Whitman County, the Federal Aviation Administration, and our federal and state congressional delegations in addressing regulatory issues and providing funding for this project.

2.    Continue to pursue the wastewater reuse project, including irrigation of City park grounds, Pullman School District grounds, the WSU golf course, other WSU green spaces, and industrial applications, as appropriate.

3.    To address the compression and internal equity discrepancies that have developed over the last several years and the failure of many employees to receive any raises since 2009, implement the recommendations of the City’s salary/position-description consultant (BDPA, Inc.)  Salary and Classification Update to the extent and in the earliest time frame practicable.

4.    Continue to promote economic development opportunities to increase the retail sales tax base and job creation through a broad range of initiatives in partnership with various agencies, groups, and entities. Hold joint meetings annually with the Whitman County Commissioners and District 9 State Legislators; meet in both spring and fall semesters with ASWSU. Pursue any opportunities that become available to facilitate the recognition of the Pullman-Moscow region as a Metropolitan Statistical Area.

5.    Improve bicycle and pedestrian trails. Explore the implementation of appropriate recommendations in the WSU Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. Enhance bicycle parking in the downtown corridor by installing bicycle racks, and possibly bicycle containers, at strategic locations. Encourage WSU to take the lead on developing a more comprehensive path map and funding options.

6.    Encourage communication between WSU and the City of Pullman concerning the closing of Stadium Way. It is imperative that a parallel, alternate route be provided on campus prior to Stadium Way being closed to vehicular traffic. Encourage WSU to conduct a study of the impacts on adjacent residential neighborhoods.

7.    Support the partial funding of the proposed Lawson Gardens garden house with 2% lodging tax funds.
8.    In recognition of the importance of Pullman Regional Hospital to the City, work closely with the hospital to develop solutions to the challenges created by the Affordable Care Act.

9.    Develop a plan and budget for removing the juniper vegetation along Stadium Way from Valley Road/B Street to Streit-Perham/Lower Drive and replacing it with other appropriate landscaping. Improve the landscaping along all four sides of the library.

10.    Promote pride in Pullman. Encourage all who associate with the City in any regard to see Pullman as their City. Through collaboration with various groups and organizations, continue to promote the improvement and beatification of Pullman. 

11.    Develop an organization structure for IT services that addresses the needs of that department, including a consideration of unified GIS. Continue to pursue communication options with citizens via new and developing communication technologies, including better mobile technology access to the City’s website.

12.    Provide better audio/visual capability for the Council Chambers and broadcast feed through funding derived from a new franchise agreement with Time Warner/Comcast and/or using City funds.

13.    Conduct a traffic study of the Center Street corridor and vicinity, including speed reduction alternatives and a signal at Grand Avenue.

14.    Pursue a feasibility analysis for a regional recreational facility complex.